PSD2 API Facility

The Revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) mandates banks to provide access to account (XS2A) facilities to licensed Third Party Providers (TPPs). 

Account Information Service Providers (AISP): AISP APIs are for access to a customer's online payment account data via a TPP.

PSD2 also states that communications between the ASPSPs and the TPPs will be secure, and in compliance with the European Banking Authority's (EBA) regulatory technical standards (RTS).

The Ikano Bank API Platform is designed to provide a ready to use, complete infrastructure which is compliant with the regulations of PSD2.

To access documentation about PSD2 APIs and Sandboxes supported by Ikano Bank please follow the links below:  

API Documentation
API Statistics
Online channel statistics

For account information access to product Kash Reservrahmenkredit (B2C and B2B) in Germany please access below Sandbox:  

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